Epson’s Newest Projectors Aimed at HOW and ED

Epson has expanded its PowerLite 1900-series with six new models spec’d at up to 5,000 lumens and with split screen projection capability. The PowerLite 1940W, 1950 and 1960 offer features such as split screen, DICOM simulation mode, Faroudja DCDi for a home cinema-like experience in Pro applications and digital connectivity with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. They are designed for users that need additional features such as Wi-Fi, advanced wireless security, automatic vertical and horizontal keystoning and focus assistance.

Here are additional specs:

Model Number Brightness (in Lumens) Resolution List price
PowerLite 1940W 4,200 WXGA $1,299
PowerLite 1950 4,500 XGA $1,299
PowerLite 1960 5,000 XGA $1,499
PowerLite 1945W 4,200 WXGA $1,699
PowerLite 1955 4,500 XGA $1,699
PowerLite 1965 5,000 XGA $1,899

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