Extron Adds Digital Connectivity, USB Power to Hideaway Series Enclosures

HSA-300-0414Extron Electronics is introducing the HSA 300, a new addition to the company’s HSA – Hideaway Surface Access Enclosure series of furniture-mountable enclosures. The compact HSA 300 provides inconspicuous access to AV connectivity, AC power and USB power. The enclosure’s tilt-up faceplate features connectors for HDMI, VGA, PC audio and network pass-through, as well as an AC power outlet and two 5 VDC USB power outlets for charging mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. AC power outlets are available for the U.S. and Central Europe, as well as a multi-region outlet that supports a variety of plug types. The HSA 300 is available a black anodized finish.

The HSA enclosures are available in three primary configurations that complement most room designs and furniture types: compact, tilt-up enclosures with fixed AV and network connectivity; tilt-up, modular enclosures with configurable connectivity; and vertically lifting, double-sided enclosures that provide access to connectivity and power from either side of the table. To operate, a user presses down on the top to release the HSA, which lifts the connector combinations into view. HSA enclosures are designed for easy mounting into tables, desks or other AV furniture, and sit nearly flush with the surface once installed.

For more information on the HSA 300, click here.