Extron Announces 4K and Ultra HD Support

4K_UHD-0114Extron has announced 4K (3840×2160 and 4096×2160) and Ultra HD (3840×2160) support in its signal processing and distribution products. Solutions include:

  • Extending 4K and UHD video over a single twisted pair cable
  • Videowall processors to leverage the high pixel density of the newest generation of displays
  • Streaming encoders and decoders to extend 4K video over traditional network infrastructure
  • Media players for playback of 4K content
  • Fiber optic distribution systems when pixel-for-pixel signal extension and switching are required in mission critical environments

Extron has a 4K/UHD logo that will appear on select 4K and UHD capable products on both the company’s website and compatible products themselves. The company also says it will help integrators with systems design of both 4K or UHD AV systems.

For more information about Extron 4K Systems, click here.