Extron Debuts Digital Version of PoleVault System

plenumvaultsystems-lg-0613Extron has a hybrid analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI) version of its popular K-12 classroom system PoleVault. Each system uses economical twisted pair cable (CATx) for transmitting signals and includes network connectivity for Web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. PoleVault Digital Classroom AV Systems are HDCP compliant, with support for both HDMI and VGA sources commonly found in many classrooms. At the heart of these systems is a switcher/amplifier that meets ENERGY STAR requirements for AV products and includes two Extron-exclusive power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs.

Whether you plan to use a flat panel display, ceiling mounted projector, or wall mounted short-throw projector, digital versions of Extron PoleVault, WallVault, and PlenumVault Systems are include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification (50-watt rms), system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling needed for a complete classroom AV system. All that remains is to add a video projector, screen or flat panel display, and sources.

Here are all the details.