Extron Introduces ENERGY STAR-Qualified Power Supplies With ZipClip Mounting

Extron Electronics introduced the PS Series of External Power Supplies. These ENERGY STAR-qualified power supplies are designed with high efficiency to reduce operating costs and help meet green building requirements. The design, says Extron, provides more than 10 times the life expectancy of traditional power supplies. The PS Series also offers the ZipClip mounting system engineered for quick and secure mounting in a variety of locations, including rack rails, tables, and lecterns.

PS Series products are available in the most voltages used by Extron: 9, 12, and 15VDC. They feature a one-eighth rack width enclosure that can be rack-mounted when used with an Extron basic or universal rack shelf kit. Channels in the body of the enclosure allow the power supply to be securely mounted to cylindrical structures, such as projector poles and table legs, with wire ties.

The design of this power supply is ingenious. Certainly, there are more glitzy products out there to cover than power supplies, but the “wall-wart” supply is one of the most problematic products inside of an equipment rack and this SOLVES that problem. Congratulations Extron for a cool, simple idea.

Each PS series product comes with a 6-foot detachable IEC power cord, a 6-foot output cable terminated in either captive screw or DC plug, and a ZipClip 100 mounting kit.

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