Extron Intros DIN Rail-Mountable IP Link Pro Control Processors

ipcppro35_60143001_01r_1116Extron just added more to its DIN Rail-Mountable product line with the introduction of the IPCP Pro 350DR and IPCP Pro 355DR. These high-performance, DIN-rail-mountable control processors are designed for centralized AV control in mid-sized applications. As with all IP Link Pro Series control processors, both feature advanced security standards and Gigabit Ethernet, which ensures compatibility with multiple TouchLink Pro touchpanels using a standard network infrastructure. The IPCP Pro 355DR features a secure, dedicated AV LAN port designed to control local AV devices and safeguard them from outside intrusion. The IPCP Pro 350DR and IPCP Pro 355DR can be used with Extron LinkLicense, which further adds to the capabilities of Extron Pro Series control systems. Either processor would be an ideal choice for controlling multiple devices and signal types within AV systems while providing the flexibility of DIN rail mounting.

The Extron IPCP Pro 350DR and IPCP Pro 355DR can be configured using Global Configurator Plus or Global Configurator Professional software or programmed using Extron Global Scripter. For enterprise-wide applications, GlobalViewer Enterprise can provide centralized AV resource monitoring, management, and control over a computer network. The IPCP Pro 350DR and IPCP Pro 355DR can communicate with multiple TouchLink Pro touchpanels over a standard Ethernet network allowing utilization of existing network infrastructure.

Here are all the detailed specs.