Extron now shipping 18Gbps HDMI Matrix Switchers

Extron now shipping 18Gbps HDMI Matrix SwitchersExtron has announced its DXP HD 4K PLUS Series of high performance HDMI matrix switchers are now available.

Supporting signals up to 4K/60 with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, the matrix switchers also support HDMI 2.0b specifications, including data rates up to 18Gbps, Deep Colour up to 12-bit, 3D and HD lossless audio formats. They are HDCP 2.2 compliant and incorporate Extron technologies including SpeedSwitch, EDID Minder and Key Minder, as well as HDMI input equalisation and output regeneration to ensure reliable system operation.

“By introducing the next generation of Extron DXP 4K/60 HDMI matrix switchers, we are meeting an ever increasing demand for 4K/60 video distribution,” says Extron vice president of worldwide sales and marketing Casey Hall.

The DXP HD 4K PLUS Series matrix switchers have been designed for use with computers equipped with 4K graphics cards, 4K media players, 4K Blu-ray players and other similar signal sources, as well as 4K native resolution displays.

Digital audio can be de-embedded from any input and assigned to digital or analogue stereo outputs for ease of integration. To maintain signal integrity, the matrix switchers feature automatic cable equalisation on inputs and output re-clocking to reshape and restore timing of the video signal at each HDMI output.

These features, combined with Extron Pro Series High Speed HDMI cables, allow longer 4K signal runs. This reduces the need for additional signal conditioning equipment by compensating for weak source signals or signal loss on long cable runs. Additionally, +5 VDC, 200mA is available on each output for powering peripheral devices.

“With their 18Gbps data rate capabilities, the DXP HD 4K PLUS Series delivers the performance required for distributing 4K/60 signals at 4:4:4 chroma sampling in command and control centres, visualisation environments and other demanding applications.”

Available in 4×4, 8×4, and 8×8 sizes, the DXP HD 4K PLUS Series is ideal for applications that require reliable, high performance matrix switching of 4K/60 HDMI signals.

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