Extron Power Supplies Reach the Demonstrated MTBF Mark of One Million Hours

extpowsupplies-0610Extron announced yesterday that their own custom designed and manufactured power supplies have reached the 1,000,000-hour mark in demonstrated MTBF, Mean Time Between Failures.

This feat was accomplished by exposing the power supplies to extreme testing in our in-house heating chamber that supports elevated temperature as well as constant temperature conditions. While most manufacturers purchase off-the-shelf switch mode power supplies (think wall-warts and even built-in power supplies) that can be subject to variations in quality and reliability, Extron actually designed and manufactures its own power supplies. Extron says that both their PS Series of Desktop Power Supplies and their internal power supplies were tested. The energy efficient desktop power supplies are ENERGY STAR qualified, and Extron says their internal power supplies consume less energy and generate less waste heat than conventional power supplies.

Extron can be found at:  http://www.extron.com/