Extron Shipping All DMP 128 Audio DSP Models

DMP-128-0813Extron is now shipping all DMP 128 Series audio digital signal processors, including models with Dante audio networking, AEC — acoustic echo cancellation and analog telephone connectivity. The DMP 128 Series are 12×8 audio mixers featuring Extron ProDSP, automixing and I/O expansion capabilities. The DMP 128 C P and DMP 128 C P AT are the newest models shipping, and feature POTS – plain old telephone service capability for connection to an analog phone line and handset. The DMP 128 Series offers a configuration approach to DSP that Extron says simplifies mixing, routing, conferencing and room optimization. The DSP Configurator Software allows the DMP 128 to be installed quickly, with easy-to-learn adjustments that can be heard in real-time.

The DMP 128 features Extron ProDSP, a technology that features a 64-bit floating point DSP engine and studio grade 24-bit converters with 48 kHz sampling. ProDSP is managed by the DSP Configurator Software, featuring a GUI that allows for complete audio system visualization in one window.

All DMP 128 models include an automixer with gated and gain sharing modes for managing up to eight groups of microphone signals. DMP 128 C models feature Extron AEC with eight independent channels of high performance, fast echo cancellation for optimal intelligibility in conferencing applications. DMP 128 P models include analog phone interfacing with POTS line and handset connections, allowing users to answer and initiate calls to remote attendees over the PSTN – public switched telephone network or in a PBX — private branch exchange. DMP 128 AT models with Dante provide scalable audio transport over a local area network using standard Internet protocols. Each processor sends out 24 channels of 24 bit/48 kHz digital audio and can receive 56 channels over the network. A built-in four-port Gigabit switch also provides direct interconnection of multiple DMP 128 AT units to create larger audio matrixes.

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