Four Audio to Launch New Dante Product at PL+S

fouraudio-0312Audinate and Four Audio have announced the launch of Four Audio’s new DBO1 — a Dante-enabled breakout box with eight analog output channels and allows the user to go from Dante to analog signals in a 1U box.

As you may already know, Audinate’s Dante protocol is a way to transport video and audio media over standard IT networks and promotes itself as a “true plug-and-play” digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols (IP) such as the IEEE Audio Video Bridging (“AVB”). The DBO1 is operated by simply connecting it to a Dante network and configuring the easy-to-use breakout box via the Dante Controller. The DBO1’s smart front panel displays allow quick and easy detection of the network and signal status. The 120 dB SNR, 18 dBu output level and integrated Dante redundancy mode means that the DBO1 covers a broad range of applications at very reasonable costs for its end-users.

The DBO1 will be shown for the first time tomorrow, so it’s not on the Four Audio webpage yet. But when it is, it will be here: