FSR Intros Top Shelf Equipment Rack

TS400_inside-1112FSR’s new Top Shelf is a wall-mounted equipment rack that mounts to a wall close to the ceiling in locations without drop ceilings, or where space above the drop ceiling is limited. Top Shelf (model: TS-400) holds up to four RU of equipment with multiple mounting locations for power as well as signal connections. The unit’s steel frame ensures the equipment will be securely mounted and a plastic cover allows wireless signals to pass in and out of the enclosure unobstructed. The cover can be painted to match the room décor, and the box can be mounted in the best location to ease wiring and visual impact.

Top Shelf includes a three position rack depth adjustment, has an optional fan that offers up to 110 watts of equipment cooling, includes an assortment of cable clamps and has a 50-pound equipment capacity. The steel cover still allows Wi-Fi and other wireless devices to pass through.

Here are all the specs.