Fulcrum Acoustic Announces FH15 Full-Range Coaxial Horn Product Line

Fulcrum Acoustic has launched its FH15 Full-Range Coaxial Horns. The FH15 Series’ two-way, coaxial horn systems with 15″ horn-loaded woofer and 4″ diaphragm compression driver provide precise pattern control to below 400 Hz, low frequency extension to 54 Hz and extremely high output for products of their size while using only a single amplifier channel.

FH15 Series systems’ large 4″ diaphragm compression driver enables operation at frequencies too low for smaller compression drivers to handle. This allows the high frequency (HF) horn to smooth the polar response of the low frequency section in the frequency range where the HF horn would otherwise cause shadowing. It also allows the compression driver to produce extreme sound pressure levels with an effortless sonic character.

FH1565 (60°x45°) and FH1596 (90°x60°) models are now available with a full complement of horns in development — here are the details.