Futuresource Says SMART Technologies is Making a Killing

Close to 600,000 Interactive Whiteboards were sold worldwide last year, generating nearly $1 billion of revenue, according to a new market report from Futuresource Consulting.

In the 66 countries covered within the report, Messenger calculates there are over 31 million classrooms: a huge market potential for companies operating within this sector.  A whistle-stop tour of activity in 2008 shows that the USA had a hugely successful year, with sales volumes surpassing 250,000 units, up 65 percent on volume and over 100 percent in value. In the UK, demand is still strong and will continue to be sustained, with a swell of activity awaiting EMEA. Looking to Australia, Q4 2008 proved to be its largest success to date.

And, who’s the market leader?  SMART Technologies, who estimates their own market share to be in the range of 65 to 68 percent in 2008.  So, if both sources are accurate, this means that SMART Technologies sold over $600 million worth of interactive whiteboards last year. Not bad, huh?