Gig Gear to Make InfoComm Debut in Innovations Showcase

Gig Gear LLC, known for its unique Gig Gloves (protective work gloves designed specifically for live event and entertainment production professionals), has been selected for the InfoComm 2018 Innovations Showcase which highlights new, hi-tech companies and products to the commercial AV market.

While not a technology-based enterprise like most companies traditionally selected to the Innovations Showcase, the innovative design of Gig Gear’s Gig Gloves provides an invaluable service to the professionals that work within the AV industry — helping them complete their jobs more safely and effectively.

“Gig Gear is very excited to have been one of the few companies selected to participate as an exhibitor at the 2018 InfoComm Innovations Showcase,” said Danny Shatzkes, founder of Gig Gear. “We’re aware that the Innovations Showcase has been very selective and includes mostly tech companies showing their cutting-edge technology products and services. However, behind all of the technology in pro and commercial AV, installation and integration, there are actual human beings that need to do the physical work required to get these systems working flawlessly. Gig Gear manufactures products that make the actual physical jobs and work of the people in the industry safer, easier and more efficient. This recognition of the human component is just as important, if not more so, than quoting, installing, and integrating the latest and greatest technology for each job. I’m sure that professionals in the industry would agree and I invite all attendees to visit the Innovations Showcase and check out what we have to offer. They will be surprised at the incredibly high value our Gig Gloves provide.”

Featuring strong nylon threading throughout, Gig Gloves boast TPR molding on the back of the hand and fingers to ensure ultimate protection against impact, abrasions or pinching. Fold-over fingertips allow for use of smaller tools and items, and Gig Gloves work with touchscreen devices without needing to remove the gloves. They are available in three models: Original Gig Gloves, all-black Gig Gloves ONYX and fleece-lined THERMO Gig Gloves and come in dix sizes (XS-XXL).

Here are the details.