GlobalViewer Enterprise 2.7 Now Available from Extron

Extron has updated its GlobalViewer Enterprise software to GVE version 2.7. This software simplifies AV system resource management with control for hundreds of common AV tasks and a way to manage, monitor and control nearly any device over a standard network. It allows administrators to access usage data, create reports and control systems from any computer on the network. This new version adds support for the Extron RoomAware Outlook Add-in to automate conference room functions for scheduled meetings. Also, GVE 2.7 includes compatibility with additional facility calendars such as Microsoft Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Office 365. Additional features include support for the HC 404 Meeting Space Collaboration System, an enhanced help desk for accessing detailed room data and control and more robust monitoring and reporting capabilities.

The help desk in GVE 2.7 displays all devices in every AV system and enables users to easily filter equipment down to the room level or device type. GVE also helps support teams and decision makers gain an improved understanding of usage and maintenance patterns through its robust set of standard and custom reporting tools. Improved analytics provide the information teams need to closely analyze inventory, usage and costs, activity patterns and trends across the organization. Users can also effectively manage and control AV installations on-the-go using the iGVE app on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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