Google’s Jamboard Will Now List for $5,000 and Ship in May

We have a new, lower, price ($5,000 and a $600 per board annual service contract) and a shipping date (May 20th) for the Google Jamboard.Want to save $300 on the service contract? Buy it now — as it will only be $300 if you buy one before the end of the summer.

As we reported last year, the Google Jamboard — to be sold, primarily, through BenQ in most of the world, is an interactive LCD is a portable (on four wheels), 55” 4K (3840×2160) resolution collaboration board that’s integrated with Google’s G Suite — email, videoconferencing, cloud collaboration of Google Docs, device management, file sharing, etc. Pull in work from Google Docs, Sheets and Slides or add photos stored in Drive. To capture ideas, Jamboard includes tools like sticky notes and stencils as well as intelligent features like handwriting and shape recognition. And, of course, videoconferencing.

This will likely force some other newbies in the collaboration board market to readjust their pricing — as Google previously announced it at $6,000. New collaboration board lines debuted at ISE from NewlineAvocorCiscoSharp and NEC.

Jamboard is all Google, though. Unlike some of the others, it’s designed, made and integrated with Google G Suite and it’s basically just an electronic whiteboard without it. With it, however, you can do document collaboration — with all sites connected seeing the exact same thing on all their Jamboard (or anyone connected via G Suite via a laptop or tablet).

Here’s a YouTube video of the Jamboard in action:

Here are the detailed specs from the BenQ site.