Hear Technologies Introduces the Hear Back PRO Virtual Mixer

Hear Technologies announced the release of the Hear Back PRO Virtual Mixer. It claims all the features of the Hear Back PRO Mixer in a small card format.

The small card format of the new Hear Back PRO Virtual Mixer allows it to fit into the Hear Back PRO Hub. The Hub can be populated with up to four Virtual Mixer cards and an unlimited number of Hubs can be connected together for larger systems.

Controlling the Virtual Mixer is via the new Hear Back PRO iOS app (iOS) or even another Hear Back PRO Mixer. This feature is for controlling wireless in-ear monitor or standard stage monitor mixes. The app also allows the user to easily drag and drop which iOS devices and Hear Back PRO mixers control each Virtual Mixer.

The PAIRING button (and LED indicator) makes it easy to configure which iOS device or Hear Back PRO Mixer(s) will be controlling each Virtual Mixer. The new Hear Back PRO Virtual Mixer can be used to mix 16 or 32 channels of audio for your wireless in-ear or standard stage monitor rig. Up to four presets are available with the Virtual Mixer, and it has the capability to save all settings in case of power loss.

Other features include:

  • Volume, pan and stereo placement of each audio channel
  • Control master, auxiliary input and intercom transmit volumes
  • Automatic incoming intercom leveling
  • One auxiliary 1/8-inch stereo unbalanced audio input
  • XLR balanced left and right outputs

Here are the specs.