How to draw digitally in the Windows 10 Maps app

With the Windows 10 maps app on Surface you’ll be mapping out your next road trip, sending a screen shot of your next meeting location, or calculating the distance between points A and B with ease. Annotating your maps has never been more useful! Here’s how to do it on your Surface Pro. Would you like to see a short video on this topic? Voilà!

Step 1: Type in your destination

Open your maps app and type in where you want to go in the search bar.

Type your destination in the search box on the left-hand-side of your Maps app.

Step 2: Select a pen

The tool bar across the top of the app screen has all you need. To draw on your map click on the pen icon. You’ll notice a drop down menu with six tools. The first tool allows you to choose a colour and thickness of the pen you want to draw with.

Click on the pen icon to reveal six tools to help you mark up your map. You can select a pen colour and thickness using the first of the six tools – the “Ballpoint Pen” tool.

Step 3: Measure the distance

Now it’s time to measure the distance between point A and B. Select the “Measure Distance” tool and simply draw the route you want to take, directly on your map.

The Maps app will calculate the distance of any drawn route.

Alternatively, use the “Ruler” tool to measure the direct distance as the crow flies. With touch, on your Surface screen, move and rotate the ruler as you would on paper. Then, simply draw a straight line along the edge of the ruler with your Surface pen. That easy!

Use the Ruler tool draw a straight line and calculate the distance between two points.

If you make a mistake, you can erase your digital ink with the back end of your Surface pen, or select the “Eraser” tool and use your pen tip.

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