InfoComm Joins Event Management Sustainability Group

InfoComm has joined the ISO/PC 250 Sustainability iInfoCommlogo-0110n Event Management International Standard Development Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Thirty-one countries have begun work on a new standard on sustainable management of events — a standard that will guide event planners, venues, and other stakeholders in improving and maintaining sustainability measures for a number of common events and gatherings. The document will require identification of key sustainability issues such as venue selection, operating procedures, supply chain management, procurement, communications, and transport through a management systems approach. All types of events, including exhibitions, sporting competitions and concerts, will be covered by the standard.

The standard is expected to be finalized in 2012 in time for the London Olympics. The United States is participating as a delegation member to ISO, sponsored by the CIC-Convention Industry Council, administered by the ASTM, and authorized by ANSI. A limited number of live events audiovisual professionals are needed to participate — to volunteer, send an email with your qualifications to