InFocus Introduces SimpleShare Wireless Presentation Solutions

InFocus Corporation has announced SimpleShare, a point-to-point presentation solution for wireless connectivity and sharing of videos, presentation, documents, data and more.

Designed as a cable replacement, SimpleShare is device-agnostic and allows users to share high-definition video and sound wirelessly to any display with an HDMI input from any PC, Mac, DVD player, tablet, camcorder and other devices in real time. SimpleShare allows for a simple plug-and-play installation with no software, downloads or network management required, making it incredibly user-friendly for anyone to implement without burdening the IT department. Users can also switch between up to 254 presenters with the click of a button.

Want to see how easy this is to connect? We recorded a LIVE video demo you can watch here:

SimpleShare is available in three bundled solutions. The base model SimpleShare (INA-SIMS1) includes one transmitter and receiver, intended for a small meeting room; SimpleShare Presentation System (INA-SIMPS1) is a complete conference room solution with three transmitters and a charging station; SimpleShare Touch Presentation System (INA-SIMINT1) supports up to three presenters with wireless touch control from a touch display panel and allows users to annotate on anything they present from their source device, as well as draw and write on a built-in digital whiteboard.

SimpleShare utilizes WPA2, a secure encryption method, developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Servicing a radius of 15 meters from the receiver, the AES-CCMP algorithm used is a cipher key encryption with variable key size and changes at varying intervals.

Here are all the tech specs and options.