Intel Extreme Masters


Intel Extreme Masters

by Cat Strom.

Intel Extreme Masters, the elite global pro gaming tour operated by ESL, was held at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena across three action packed days from May 3 to 5.

Principal technical supplier for the event were Woohah Productions, working with stakeholders to deliver an unforgettable show in accordance to esports rules and the demands of the online broadcast of the event.

2019 was Woohah’s third year of delivering Intel Extreme Masters and close to eight years working with ESL Australia to deliver the biggest esports event in Australia.

Working with their client of almost ten years, Woohah Productions designed the audio, video and lighting with Chad Spencer from Litesauce Designs as the lighting designer and operator.

Scott Landgren, Senior Production Manager, spearheaded the whole project from initial client briefs to onsite delivery working with ESL Australia and NEP Broadcast. “Large events need big approaches,” remarked Arosh Fernando, managing director of Woohah.

“Coordinating a team of suppliers, we provided a complete production solution for the single largest event on the Australian esports calendar.”

Woohah’s work included the complex installation of various LED video screens, supply of an arena-capable PA and control system, and an energy enhancing lighting design with pre-visualizations to allow for client input.

Over 250sqm of LED screens were used for the event with two main program screens of ROE Visual Carbon 5mm and Qudos Arena’s in-house 5mm screen used as part of the set. A series of 3mm panels were deployed into custom cabinetry set pieces and player pods as well.

The long banner screens were also in 5mm and there was a 20K Lumen Panasonic Projector for the delay screens.

Woohah’s Barco E2 was used to manage the multiple LED and auxiliary screen outputs used in the main arena, allowing for client-provided 4K inputs. Using 4K inputs in this instance reduced the total number of inputs required, allowing multiple LED surfaces to be mapped from a single input, rather than congesting the video ops with multiple machines and operators. These 4K inputs were then split into various 1080 inputs via the E2, to address the high number of video outputs across the arena.

Involving two main program screens, six independent LED surfaces were utilised for in-game information and stage dressing, multiple auxiliary video sends for VIP seating, and a 20K projector flown high for the furthest and highest seating banks in the arena. The E2’s advanced video mixing and output capabilities were used to their maximum potential.

All content was custom made by ESL Australia with overlays to player gaming content.

Approximately 10,000 people attended the event at Qudos Bank Arena with over 733,000 peak concurrent viewers for the online broadcast. In total, the event has had over 20 million unique online views.

“With an event like IEM Sydney, the largest of its kind in the region, we need suppliers we can count on and Woohah are the best in the biz at what they do” said Josh Inman, Operations Manager at ESL Australia.

“No matter what we throw at Woohah, even in the fast-paced world of esports, they always deliver exceptional results.”

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