IOGear Intros DisplayPort KVMP Switch with USB

IOGEAR is launching the iogear-displayport-0112Dual Mini DisplayPort USB KVMP with Peripheral Sharing (GCS1924), which is designed with the same dimensions as the new Mac Mini. Four Mac Minis can be stacked directly on top and accessed with a USB keyboard or other computer peripherals from the GCS1924. The KVMP also supports PCs with Windows and Linux, saving desk space and allowing more advanced connectivity.

As a KVMP switch, the four-port USB 2.0 Mini DisplayPort Dual View KVMP Switch allows users to access four computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse and dual-view Mini-DisplayPort console monitors. The built-in USB hub permits each computer to access connected peripherals, such as a printer, scanner or storage drive. GCS1924’s independent switching feature allows the Dual View KVM product to focus on one computer while the USB peripheral focus is on another. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate USB hub as well as the need to purchase a separate stand-alone peripheral sharing switch.

IOGEAR’s newest KVMP product also improves on previous KVM designs with the latest Mini-DisplayPort and Mini-TOSLINK connectors and compatibility with dual-link 2560×1600 resolution and ultra high resolution up to 3840×2400.

It will list for under $900 and ship next week. More details are here: