iPad for Business: Collect Payments Through iPad

The iPad is a wonderful business tool that can take care of many aspects of your business. Many small businesses and startups are increasingly turning to the iPad to manage their business better. A range of activities like invoicing, payment processing, inventory management and more can be done easily on the iPad through the several thousand apps.

With an increasing focus on functionality and usability, apps are becoming all the more powerful. Coffee shops, small libraries, freelancers, designers and retail shops are making use of the iPad to manage their businesses.

In this regard, payment processing has certainly become a hot feature for iDevices, notably the iPad.

Collect Payments Through iPad

How Does This Work?

Payment processing was made simple with services like PayPal which centralizes your account and makes payments easy. With apps like Square, it’s the same philosophy applied to the mobile platform – only, with the added functionality of a credit-card swipe and some more.

On-the-go payment processing works this way:

  • You sign-up for a service like, say, Square.
  • You get an accessory which you connect to your iPad to be able to read credit/debit cards
  • You download their app so that the processing is complete and you get paid.
  • There is a small fee for each transaction. That’s it.

Since this doesn’t involve any extra gadget wizardry other than one simple card-swiping swiping accessory and in several cases, you can even directly enter the credit card details, payment processing becomes simpler and smoother.

Experience tells us that some of the reputed apps are doing excellently in the market, helping small businesses grow quickly through the intuitive payment processing modes through iPad.

Would This Be Useful for My Business?

People pay quickly through credit cards. If your business doesn’t give them that option, it will be a bit of a hard time for your business to grow faster. With an iPad, you can solve this need instantly. Most businesses and startups now use iPad for a lot of other reasons too, so adding one more functionality to the iPad just adds jazz to your business.

Popular Apps / Services to collect payments through iPad

So now that you’ve decided to go for it, what would suit? There are plenty of options – almost all offering similar pricing plans.

By far, the most successful and best payment processing app for the iDevices.

Intuit GoPayment
2.7% per transaction. Single-fee structure. No monthly.

LightSpeed Retail
More of a POS app which helps you sell on-the-go. Great for stores with inventories.

PayPal Mobile
In case you are comfortable keying-in the credit card details.

Innerfence Credit Card Terminal
A tad costlier but comes with excellent support.

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