Josef Valchar to EU – Save Stage Lighting Now!

Josef Valchar, CEO of Robe Lighting s.r.o is petitioning the Czech government and Czech Euro MPs to request that they exempt all stage lighting equipment (EN 60598-2-17, IEC 60598-2-17:2017) from proposed legislation that will prohibit its manufacture and sale immediately across Europe in 2020.

“I cannot stress the importance of this enough.” stated Josef.

“Every manufacturer, rental company, venue, LD, technician and other individual or organisation involved in any aspect of entertainment lighting or in producing events and performances should have a vested interest in opening a sensible and measured discussion about how it affects stage luminaires producing less than 85 lumens per Watt”.

“It is URGENT!!! We have only until the 7th May – that’s just 10 days – to get objections registered in Brussels! If we do this, then there will have to be a debate before the laws is passed.” underlines Josef.

He continues, “It is a vitally important time for the industry to unite and object to these proposals … to preserve tools at the very essence of our vibrant, diverse and creative industry!”

The proposed legislation – the Energy Directorate’s Eco-design Working Plan 2016-2019 – will affect the entire industry, from lighting designer’s right through to manufacturers, rental companies and venues, technicians and everyone at all levels involved in the fabric and infrastructure of entertainment lighting.

Tungsten arc lamps will immediately become unavailable … so most lighting fixtures in most theatres Europe wide … will become obsolete.

Many more recent high quality LED lighting units will also be banned under the proposals which will bring the vast majority of quality theatre lights under the same rules that govern domestic, office and industrial lighting.

The impact of the proposals as they currently stand will be immediate and overwhelming.

The legislation relates to the amount of lumens output rather than the quality, and does not take into account lights utilising sophisticated optical systems which are geared to performance and entertainment lighting.

The entertainment industry will be left with virtually no tools with which to light concerts, festivals, events plays, musicals, dance events, television shows!

Many venues and production will go dark, others wanting to continue will have to be lit with equipment which is not appropriate or designed for the application.

It is as simple – and as stark – as that!

Josef is quick to point out that the Robe Company is among the greatest supporters of sustainable and energy efficient lighting. As a manufacturer, Robe has been committed to this philosophy and integrated it into its development process for well over a decade.

Josef’s statement concludes, “The technical production industry, and lighting and visuals in particular, has produced so many stunning and multi-award winning works worldwide and enabled numerous highly talented and skilled individuals to collaborate and has made important and invaluable contribution to our culture.

“It is imperative that EU industry leaders petition lawmakers in their own countries and urge them to start a dialogue on these proposals which will affect the industry so dramatically”

Other action that you can take includes signing online petitions.

In the UK the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) is running an online petition which contains over 14,000 signatures to date …

Please find the link to the ALD petition here– click on “sign and share the petition here” .. it takes only a couple of seconds!

“I strongly encourage everyone to get behind the campaign to change these proposals” urges Josef,

“Performance in all its forms is an expression at the heart of our numerous European cultures. Without moving, dramatic and spectacular lighting and visual effects, the experience will lack character and emotional engagement!”

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