Dubbed the DLA-SH7NLG, JVC’s new D-ILA claims 5,000jvc-DLA-SH7NLG-0310 ANSI lumens, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a native resolution of 4096×2400 using a reflective LCD technology. Using dual 330W ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps (they can be operated simultaneously or one at a time), the new D-ILA is aimed at super high-end staging, digital cinema (although JVC is not an approved digital cinema projector vendor), large-venue projection as well as multi-image projection (it’s capable of projecting four native 1080p images in a 2×2 grid).

It’s a power hog though – using 1.1kW or power, it’s certainly not a “green” product. But, it’s bright. It’s priced a little over $150,000. See all the specs at http://pro.jvc.com/prof/attributes/features.jsp?model_id=MDL101793