KLARK TEKNIK Ships 1176-KT Compressor

klark-teknik-1176-kt_p0br3_1016KLARK TEKNIK announced the shipping of its 1176-KT FET-style compressor with a discrete signal path utilizing custom-engineered MIDAS input and output transformers. The compressor offers three ratios: 4:1 for moderate compression; 8:1 for severe compression: 12:1 for mild limiting; and 20:1 for hard limiting. Additionally, ‘All-button’ mode is included for aggressive vocals and especially effective when applied to drums, bass, guitar and room microphones.

An Attack Knob adjusts the time it takes for the compressor to respond to audio that exceeds the threshold. To accompany this, a Release Knob adjusts how long the compressor remains engaged after incoming audio falls below the threshold. Similarly to the Attack Knob, the Release Knob response time is faster when clockwise and slower when counter-clockwise.

An illuminated vintage-style VU meter keeps the 1176-KT in style with the original KLARK TEKNIK processor. The meter applies visual confirmation of gain reduction and output level based on which meter button is selected. And, the 1176-KT comes in 2U steel rack mount enclosure for live concert touring while using Neutrik XLR connectors.

Here are all the specs.