KLARK TEKNIK Ships DM8000 Digital Audio Processor

klark-teknik-dm8000-0117KLARK TEKNIK has started shipping its DM8000 advanced digital audio processor for installation applications featuring configurable DSP, audio networking and acoustic echo cancellation.

Aimed at teleconferencing and videoconferencing applications, the DM8000 integrates via USB, and the 1U rack mount chassis can also be remote controlled using built-in Ethernet and RS232 ports. The DM8000 is included with KLARK’s DSP Designer software containing a library of processing modules. Multiple DM8000 devices can be linked, creating a network for system-wide programming and control of a variety of input sources and that network can accommodate multiple mic inputs, a live band or stereo music source, as well as telephony — and send the mixes up to six destinations. The DM8000 uses its eight channels of wide band AEC to detect and eliminate secondary room reflections from the signal path.

The DM8000 will list for $1,149 and here are all the tech specs.