Kramer Adds Four-Input Multi-Format HDBaseT Transmitter

SID-X2N-0614Kramer Electronics is introducing the SID-X2N, an HDBaseT four-in-one twisted pair transmitter from the Digital Step-in Family, a multi-format input group of products. The unit includes four input types: computer graphics video, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. In addition, the SID-X2N includes an unbalanced stereo audio input and output.

The SID-X2N works as a stand-alone unit together with an HDBaseT receiver (such as the TP-580RXR/WP-580RXR) using RS232 commands over a twisted pair cable. A single twisted pair cable carries both data and control and a local ‘Step-in’ switching button allows the user to take control of the main display. Switching between inputs is available when working with a HDBaseT receiver using RS232 commands.

More information is here.