Kramer Introduces FC-5 Protocol Translator and Controller

Kramer Electronics introduced its FC-5 Protocol Translator and Controller. This is a protocol translator designed to make an RS-232-controlled machine (Kramer and non-Kramer products) compatible with other RS-232 based protocols. It is designed to make Kramer products easy to incorporate into broader systems employing components from various manufacturers. Because the FC-5 will work with any RS-232 controllable product and can convert RS-232 commands to contact closure and relay control signals, Kramer says it will also make system integration of various components such as screens and drapes easier.

The FC-5 comes pre-configured with two serial translation tables; a generic serial switcher control protocol to Kramer’s Protocol 2000 and the Sierra Video Systems’ serial protocol to Kramer’s Protocol 2000.  An included PC-based software program will allow the building of translation tables for the FC-5.  The FC-5 can be programmed to work with up to 4 translation tables, each with up to 256 commands.  Translation tables can be chosen via convenient dip switches on the bottom of the unit.