Kramer Introduces HDMI Products

Kramer introduced an HDMI repeater, HDMI flat cables, and HDMI wall plates. The PT-101HDMI repeater supports HDMI version 1.3a video, and extends the HDMI transmission range to 50 feet for 1080p. The repeater supports a maximum data rate of 2.25 Gbps. Several repeaters can be used in a single installation to increase the signal distance incrementally by 50 feet. The PT-101HDMI comes with an external power supply for better results, but also allows it to receive power via the HDMI signal from the HDMI source product.

The C-HDMI/HDMI/FLAT Cable is a flat HDMI cable for more flexible long-distance installs. Since it’s flat, it can run under carpet, and around walls and corners. Cables are available in seven different lengths: 6-, 10-, 15-, 25-, 35-, 50- and 75-foot lengths.

The WP-HDMI1M and WP-HDMI2M are pass-through wall plates. The WP-HDMI1M is a one-gang metal wall plate insert with one pass-through female connector for HDMI at the front and a short cable with another female connector on the rear. The WP-HDMI2M adds a second pass-through female connector for HDMI and has two short cables with two female connectors at the rear.