Kramer Introduces the PT-1C EDID Processor

kramer-0314Kramer’s new PT-1C is an EDID troubleshooter of sorts. Have problems with the way Apple handles HDCP, especially when integrating video conferencing systems? One of four back panel dip-switches turns HDCP on or off. When placed immediately downstream from a Mac with the HDCP off, the Mac outputs a non-encrypted signal that Kramer says solves these issues with Apple’s implementation of HDCP. The PT-1C does not bypass HDCP rules and cannot remove HDCP from a signal if it is present.

A second dip-switch on the PT-1C limits color depth. In situations where bandwidth on certain legacy equipment does not support Deep Color, the PT-1C can be used to ensure that only 8-bit color is passed.

There’s an audio dip-switch that provides a means for limiting the output of an upstream device to two-channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) for cases where the target EDID is asking for an audio type that other system devices do not support.

Finally, the fourth switch is an EDID lock that allows the user to lock in the EDID from the connected display or other displays/EDID sources.which draws its power from the HDMI cable and it has four DIP-switches on the back panel.

Complete specs are here.