Laird Says PAC Power Breakout Boxes Simplify Cable Management

Laird Digital Cinema announces the availability of its PAC series of rugged power breakout boxes and adapter cables. Featuring Neutrik powerCON connectors, the Laird PAC series inline power solutions simplify power distribution and improve cable management for stage, live events and film and TV production in permanent or temporary installations.

Laird PAC breakout boxes are built with a single connection that is broken out to four standard NEMA or four powerCON outlets, depending on model, in a heavy duty, powder-coated aluminum enclosure that is shock resistant. A pass through port allows for AC line extension. The powerCON locking chassis connectors provide safe power connection with circuit breakers to protect against overloading. Accessories include IEC adapter cables, 20A extension cables and male/female combo chassis connectors that also feature Neutrik powerCON locking connectors. Available in a variety of models.

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