Lencore Introduces Configuration Tool

lencoreproducts-spectra-0112Lencore Acoustics has announced a Spectra i.Net Configuration Tool for its Spectra i.Net system that gives users the ability to “see” each and every data point, enabling a comprehensive 3D view of the entire system. Sound masking, paging and music system settings, plus diagnostics can be viewed locally, globally, horizontally and vertically (across the building), giving you full control and reporting functionality.

The tool and its ability to access the system’s topography provides users with the ability to harvest all sound masking system settings for volume, contour and EQ, as well as settings globally or by zone for paging and music volume. The Configuration Tool utilizes the full capabilities of Lencore’s Point Z (ten zone overlap) technology to bring the system into clear view and maximize functionality. Settings can be saved, uploaded and/or printed to provide complete back up and reporting capabilities.

To understand it better, go here: http://www.lencore.com/product-services/spectrainet/