Listen Technologies Partners with Ampetronic to Deliver Induction Loop Solution

Listen Technologies has partnered with Ampetronic to add induction loop technology to its RF and Infrared Wireless Listening offerings.

Hearing Loop solutions are widespread throughout the world but only recently has the technology started to be installed in a wide range of venues in North America. According to Listen, this is primarily a result of grass roots efforts of the hard-of-hearing community who are demanding the benefits that this technology can bring to them. A loop solution transmits an audio signal directly into a Telecoil hearing aid, reducing the need for an external receiver — the hearing aid becomes the receiver. Users receive sound tailored to their hearing loss, can feel less discriminated against and have no need to request or wear additional receivers.

Hearing loops can be installed in a variety of environments, from larger venues such as theaters, conference facilities and houses of worship to smaller one-on-one communication settings, such as ticket counters and meeting rooms. Loop solutions can also benefit those that need hearing assistance in taxi cabs, trains and buses.

You can learn more about Hearing Loop here: