Looking for Profits? Brockmann Says Go VTC

A new FREE report (free for a limited time)  by Brockmann & Company says that video conferencing is the hot hot hot upcoming market. In the report, titled “The Perfect Storm: Why Video Conferencing Will Dominate Business Communications,” explores the adoption and consumption of video conferencing for IT decision makers by analyzing the experiences of peers and competitors.

“All the ingredients are present for huge growth in business video conferencing products and services. The 350 respondents told us that although conferencing is very important to their business, it is definitely not a very satisfying experience,” said Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company and author of the report.

While video conferencing had been notorious for poor audio and picture quality, high cost, complicated setup and unreliable operation, this is changing, according to the research company.

The benefits may be well-known to us in ProAV. Those listed in this report are that video conferencing creates time for business people by eliminating, or limiting, travel time; video conferences are 10-25 percent shorter than face-to-face meetings; video conferencing can rely on IP rather than phone circuits; recent camera quality as well as VoIP and display quality make it more pleasant than ever to participate and; users expectations for home theater-quality and cost and driving the market.

The report compares the business performance metrics of the Top Performers who had invested 50 times more time attending video conferences than their Poor Performing peers and found that Top Performers had way more overall satisfaction among customers and employees and revenue per employee is 85 percent more, market share higher by 20 percent. Basically, VTC pays off for those who use it.