Luxul Epic 5 router to ship with Domotz software

Luxul has announced that its Epic 5 router (ABR-5000) is now shipping with Domotz remote management software.

With the Epic 5’s Domotz technology, integrators receive alerts when network issues arise and sharedevice information with Luxul's support team for troubleshooting advice. The router also eliminates the need to purchase a separate Luxul Domotz Pro for remote management.

Router Limits offers cloud-based controls for internet safety and management and puts users in control of every aspect, allowing them to manage screen time, filter content, and track browsing history. Router Limits users can also control mobile devices and access to the internet when they leave the home network.

The Epic 5 features green or blue front-facing LEDs, while its rear-facing ports include two dedicated WAN and five dedicated LAN ports. The router features dual-WAN capability, allowing the LAN to be connected to two internet connections with load balancing and failover control.

“We can’t wait for integrators to get their hands on the Epic 5 — our fastest and most powerful router ever,” Luxul vice president of marketing Mike Grubb says.

“Beyond speed, the advanced technology included in the Epic 5 really makes it shine. Domotz saves integrators time and money by eliminating the need for truck rolls, while Router Limits provides users with easy-to- access control over their internet experience.

“Together, these technologies allow integrators to build better relationships with their clients and provide a foundation for added-value RMR service programs.”

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