Mackie Introduces High-Performance XR Series Studio Monitors

mac-xr-series_beauty_bear-creek-0916Mackie today announced a new series of studio monitors to its XR Series Studio Monitors. Aimed at professional and project studios, XR Series offers two models, the 8″ XR824 and 6.5″ XR624.

The XR features a smart logarithmic waveguide, providing acoustic alignment to deliver precision balance between articulate highs and midrange clarity. Both models feature a high-output 160W power amplifier and premium transducers including a Kevlar LF driver with proven fast-recovery from transients, virtually eliminating resonant frequencies. And, unique to XR, Mackie has developed the new ELP Bass Reflex System.

XR Series Studio Monitors can be sonically optimized to the specific mix environment, featuring user-controllable acoustic space tuning controls. There are three different acoustic space settings that adjust for monitor placements close to walls, in corners, etc. Plus, both high- and low-frequency EQ controls are available for final sonic adjustment to the mixing space. Other finishing features include an eco-friendly auto on/off functionality that senses when a signal is present and turns that monitor on or off, plus the inclusion of acoustic isolation pads for each monitor.

The Mackie XR Series includes the 8″ XR824 and 6.5” XR624 and the XR824 will list for $629.99 and the XR624 will be $519.99 — here are the details.