Marshall Electronics Releases New AR-DM61-BT Multi-Channel Digital Audio Monitor

Marshall Electronics announces the release of a new multi-channel digital audio monitor, the Marshall AR-DM61-BT. Packed into a 1 RU design, the Marshall AR-DM61-BT allows users to monitor up to 64 channels of audio vertically, or two detailed audio channels horizontally and also includes a live video confidence monitor. It also is equipped with two powerful stereo speakers that feature a max volume of 100 dB.

The AR-DM61-BT has two dedicated 3GSDI inputs with loop through (MADI compatible), and one additional HDMI input. It has four stereo AES inputs and outputs, supports eight channels on “D” input and output (-10 dB or +4 dB switchable), and has speakers powerful enough to be heard even in a noisy control room environment. The 10-inch LCD intuitive touchscreen panel uses Loudness, K-weighted, relative to full scale (LKFS) bars and peak indicators and is the first-of-its-kind to include a live video confidence monitor.

The AR-DM61-BT is fully compatible with the latest Dolby and Dante formats, and has a built-in Web server for software updates, storing and retrieving presets, making the AR-DM61-BT a “future proof” solution. It is AES67 compliant and accepts inputs from multiple signal types with format conversion and matrix routing.

The Marshall AR-DM61-BT is here.