Memorabilia sale to help stricken crew

This year the Australian Road Crew Association has secured a valuable agreement with Support Act Limited establishing a Road Crew benevolent account.

Now funds can be made directly available to needy current and former Australian Road Crew with emergency medical, dental, mental and other needs.

To raise funds ARCA sells and auctions entertainment memorabilia, such as the signed posters by AC/DC which were auctioned at ENTECH around Australia in February. Air Supply and Promoter Michael Chugg (pictured) have also donated a percentage of ticket sales into ARCA.

Now ARCA invite you to donate any memorabilia you have, for the forthcoming ENTECH 2017 tour. The Memorabilia will be catalogued, promoted, and sold at the Roadshow which tours five capital cities.

To donate, please package your Memorabilia, and send it along with supporting information and a price guide to Julius Grafton at the below address:

Juliusmedia Group

61 Alleyne street

Chatswood NSW 2067

Please contact Julius on 0408 498 180 and/or email with any comments and to advise despatch of the Memorabilia.

You will be gratefully acknowledged in all promotions. Australian Road Crew are deeply appreciative of any support offered.

All funds raised will go directly to ARCA.

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