Mitsubishi Introduces 4X HD LCD Monitor

Mitsubishi wowed a lot of visitors at InfoComm with a new LCD panel the company says offers QFHD, or quadruple full high definition. The 56P-QF60LCU 56-inch LCD monitor is specified at 3840 x 2160 resolution.

The 56P-QF60LCU monitor is specifically designed for small group collaboration. The extreme high res makes it suited for environments that may have limited real estate or in intimate settings where people need to analyze large amounts of dense information such as satellite imagery, mapping information, financial dashboards and broadcast video.

At InfoComm, Mitsubishi showed this in a makeshift control room environment, showing how it works when one person, say a manager, needs to supervise a wide range of data on one screen, such as monitoring all the different control room screens of employees all combined right on his or her personal screen. The new QFHD monitor can condense information from a wall of data cubes used in electric plants, government and armed forces facilities, police situation rooms, financial control rooms, and other environments, and send them to this one source for quick and accurate viewing on a single LCD panel.

MSRP is $49,995 and it is shipping now.