NEC Display’s Touch Screen Overlays Granted Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Certification

ol-e705-1116NEC Display Solutions of America announced today that touch screen overlays for its large format displays meet Trade Agreements Act (TAA) guidelines. The TAA requires U.S. government and affiliated entities with federal contacts to purchase end products made or substantially transformed within the United States or other TAA-designated counties.

TAA guidelines ensure that products used by the U.S. government support fair and open international trade. The touch screen overlays are provided by TSItouch, a Pennsylvania-based, veteran-owned small business.

The NEC Display TAA-compliant touch screen overlays include:

  • OL-E705
  • OL-V323-2
  • OL-V423
  • OL-V463
  • OL-V652
  • OL-V552
  • OL-V801

All of them are here.