NEC Launches New Low Priced ProAV Displays

NEC-0110Last week, NEC Display announced the addition of a new ProAV-grade product line, the E Series. Debuting for this entry-level series are the 32-inch E321 and 42-inch E421, which NEC says gives corporate users an affordable option for lobbies, boardrooms and small conference rooms, while addressing the display needs of digital signage users in retails stores, waiting rooms, and health clubs.  But, we see these as an AWESOME, inexpensive rental monitor as they’re commercial-grade with a consumer look (even has consumer HDMI inputs as well as ProAV inputs).

Although these are labeled “entry-level,” it’s hard, looking at the specs, to differentiate these 32-inch and 42-inch monitors from higher-end models as they are 1080p capable LCDs (native 1366×768) with a 4000:1 contrast ratio spec, use less than 190 watts of power, have HDMI and analog inputs, and integrate ATSC (HDTV) tuners. Plus, they’re priced at $499 and $849, respectively!  Both will ship next month.
For complete specs, go to:

Wow. Cheap and lots of inputs – although I haven’t seen how all that relates to switching, and whether or not you HAVE to use the OSD for adjustment (a real product-killer in rentals). And, for rental purposes, at this point in time (IMHO) HDMI really sucks.