NEC Launches the World’s Brightest RB Laser Projectors for Large Venues

NEC Display Solutions Europe today launched the world’s brightest red-blue (RB) laser projectors, designed to bring cinema quality imagery to the largest venues. The new PH Series comprises two models, NEC PH3501QL and NEC PH2601QL, both 4K resolution.

The PH Series has been designed for large venues and the PH3501QL delivers 40,000 center lumens, while the PH2601QL features 30,000 center lumens.

The new flagship models harnesses the best of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies resulting in a powerful projector which delivers compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality. The use of a red and blue laser light source goes beyond the colour and brightness output of traditional laser phosphor projection systems providing a brilliant image with high uniformity.

The efficient light processing system delivers huge savings in operational costs compared to lamp-based projection systems thanks to lower power consumption, maintenance-free operation, and no need for lamp and filter replacements over the laser’s 20,000 hour lifetime.

The PH Series features maximum installation flexibility, with extra-wide vertical +/- 50% and horizontal +/- 17% lens shift – better than any real 4K competitive product on the market – combined with a selection of wide zoom bayonet lenses. This guarantees hassle-free installation and facilitates easy replacement of old projectors. The projectors also feature future-proofed signal connectivity including numerous 4K resolution inputs and intelligent signal processing such as Picture in Picture or Picture by Picture, to provide “pixel-free viewing“ on a large scale.

The NEC PH3501QL and NEC PH2601QL models will be available in March-April 2018. Here are specs on the NEC PH3501QL and the NEC PH2601QL here.