NEC Targets Health-Conscious with TCO Certified Desktop Displays

nec-tco-0916NEC Display Solutions today launched the MultiSync EA245WMi and EX241UN, a series of 24-inch ultra-narrow bezel desktop displays suitable for use in environments such as corporate office and finance trading floors. NEC says these are designed with attention to healthcare in mind. Thanks to the built-in ‘Low Blue Light Plus’ technology, users’ eyes are protected against cataracts and macular degeneration, which can occur due to the long-term use of the displays.

The EA245WMi and EX241UN desktop models are designed to fulfill the industry’s environmental and social responsibility targets and have both earned the latest TCO Certified Displays 7. Environmentally designed with minimal hazardous material content, NEC’s TCO-certified displays offer third parties verified option for suppliers looking to meet growing demand for more sustainable technologies.

The both have three and four-sided ultra-narrow bezels that reduce the display footprint to a minimum without compromising on the screen size. Additionally, the desktop displays offer ergonomic features such as full height adjustability as well as swivel, tilt and pivot functionality. The human and ambient light sensors within the displays auto-adjust to minimize unnecessary power consumption.

The NEC MultiSync EA245WMi three-sided ultra-thin bezel desktop display will be available from October 2016 and the NEC MultiSync EX241UN four-sided ultra-thin bezel desktop display will be available from November 2016. Here are all the specs.