NEC to Stay in Flat Screen LCD Market

Contrary to popular belief (and rumors abounding on the Internet), NEC is staying in the 30+ inch LCD display market.  With their eyes squarely aimed both the Digital Signage and the ProAV markets, NEC has a comprehensive strategy that they unveiled to rAVe recently.  Although we are not able to talk about it, yet, we will be the first to unveil it to the market.  And, in case there were any doubts about NEC staying in the market, NEC President and COO Pierre Richer said to me, “NEC is not exiting the large-screen LCD market – no way, no how.”

The rumors started when NEC’s computer monitor group announced that they were no longer making LCDs for PCs.  But,  NEC’s competition jumped on that release and spun it such that NEC was exiting the market for flat screen LCDs.  I called Pierre myself and he assured me that the rumors were untrue and then told me about their bold plan for 2009 and into 2010. 

NEC’s display group can be found here.