New Balun Set From Intelix

Intelix introduced the DIGI-VGASD, what they claim to be a ProAV-grade active balun set which distributes VGA video, stereo audio, and IR or RS232 signals over a single twisted pair cable.

The DIGI-VGASD features 1600×1200 VGA video, 20Hz to 20kHz audio, and IR or bi-directional RS232 extension up to 350 feet, according to Intelix, over a single twisted pair cable. In addition, the DIGI-VGASD send balun features local monitor support and the DIGI-VGASD receive balun features dual outputs and built-in video equalization ensuring skew-free video performance.

Each balun set includes a send unit, receive unit, and two power supplies. The company says that all components are manufactured in the United States.

Retail price for the Intelix DIGI-VGASD is $549.95.

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