NEW for ENTECH: The $55,000 prize draw!

For this one, like everything at ENTECH, you have to actually be there. Makes sense, doesn’t it? We have a few simple rules:

1. Pre-register to attend ENTECH at

2. Attend ENTECH ROADSHOW as a visitor, meeting attendance criteria.

3. Be present when we draw the prize – be at any or all draws, at 1pm, or 3pm, or 5pm.

4. If your name is called, step forwards within 30 seconds and claim one available prize.

There are 5 prizes available at each city.


Lighting Pack from Event Lighting, RRP $1970.91. You get: PAN8X1X30 + 2 x PAR5X12 + WIFI800 Fog Machine + FLG1 Fog Liquid.

How about a pair of PreSonus AIR15 PA speakers, RRP $2598 per pair from LINK Audio?

(Pictured) the Mantra Lite from LSC is worth at least $2,750.00.

For fun, you could win  the Ape Labs Light Can 4-Pack, woirth RRP $1270 from TLC Global.

Finally, Bose are giving away one Bose PowerShare PS602P amplifier in each town, worth RRP $2459.

Here’s the scoop: At the 1pm FIRST draw, if you are the lucky winner you choose which of the above five prizes you want. At the second draw (3pm) there are four to choose from. At the 5pm draw, we draw three names for three prizes.

There are some fine print rules: 

  1. Once you win one prize, you cannot win more in other cities.
  2. Pre-registration will close up to 48 hours prior to each ENTECH date.
  3. Walk up registration does not enter you into the draw.
  4. Exhibitor staff cannot win a prize and should not be registered as a visitor.
  5. Prize is supplied as new, as is, by our exhibitors.
  6. We cannot freight or deliver the prize, it must be taken from the show.
  7. You must produce photo ID which matches the name drawn and your visitor badge name.
  8. You have a choice of available, un-won prizes from the prizes listed.
  9. You cannot choose un-won prizes from other cities.
  10. There is no cash equivalent.
  11. Values of prizes shown is list price including GST or as noted.
  12. Competition is run by Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd, 61 Alleyne street Chatswood NSW 2067.

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