New Key Digital KD-VW4x4PRO Processor Aimed at Bar and Restaurant Applications

Key Digital introduces the KD-VW4x4PRO — a processor with eight video wall modes include: four horizontal: 1×4 rotated, 1×4, 1×3 and two sets of 1×2; and three vertical: 4×1, 3×1, two sets of 2×1 and a typical 2×2 setup.

One of the most interesting features on the KD-VW4x4PRO is the product’s panel flip feature where integrators can install their top row of monitors upside down to reduce the gap in the middle of the video wall due to the thick bezel on the bottom of their consumer panels. This product is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for all applications with video walls up to four panels.

Four HDMI/VGA inputs accept digital/analog video and audio from computers, media players, set-top boxes and other sources. With the eight on-board video wall processing modes, the four outputs can be configured to display video from a single input over a four-output video wall.

The KD-VW4x4Pro has additional adjustments that can be made, such as bezel compensation, to fine-tune the video wall to fit different screen types or to perform edge-blending from multiple projector setups. Device control is achieved through a couple of simple user-friendly options including the front panel buttons, included wireless IR remote control, or via software through RS232 and Ethernet.

Here are the tech specs.