New Presentation Switching Products From TV One

TV One brought new presentation switching products to NSCA, including a nine-input seamless switcher and a method for adding additional inputs.

The C2-7110 Dual Channel Multi-format Presentation Switcher uses the CORIO EXP Front Panel, which gives the user 48-button functionality, multi-way navigation control and integrated LCD. It’s all located directly on the front of the unit for easier on-site control. The CORIO2 based C2-7110 has nine inputs, two independent video processing and scaling engines and two video mixers, handling Composite, YC (S-Video), YUV Component, YPbPr HD Component, DVI, and RGB. The C2-7110 will be available in May for $7,900.

The C2-7110 operates in three different modes: Switcher Mode, Independent Mode and Dual PIP Mode. The Switcher Mode has program and preview channels that allow any function (Next Image, PIP, Keying, Logo, etc.) to be set up and previewed independent of the program output. Independent Mode provides the power of two completely independent scalers in one box, each with PIP, Keying, Transitions, etc. Dual PIP Mode allows any video input to be placed into either of two windows of any size and positioned anywhere on the screen, even overlapping.

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The new range of Input Expansion Switchers are designed to work in conjunction with any C2-1000, C2-2000 and C2-7000 series Video Scaler/Seamless Switcher to provide additional inputs of a wide variety of signal types from standard video to PC, DVI and HD-SDI. The new series will be called S2 and consist of eight new units. Four of those the S2-105PC, S2-105PCA, S2-106AD and S2-105DVIA were shown at NSCA.

An S2 model can be connected to a C2 Scaler’s rear panel via an interconnect cable and become integrated into the control system of the C2 Scaler, supplying up to ten additional inputs of Stereo Audio (balanced or unbalanced), Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, RGB / YPbPr / YUV and HD-SDI.

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