New ProAV Racks From Mayville

Mayville Products is bringing a new range of racks to InfoComm. The Stantron brand of racks and accessories, to be shown at the show, include the Presentation Rack, new PowerMount system for thin power strips, and a new range of cable management options. These systems, along with a range of products for lighting and cooling, offer either ready-to-use or customizable rack solutions.

The Stantron Presentation Rack is mobile, designed for classrooms, conference rooms and board rooms. The PowerMount system is for mounting vertical power strips within the rack. This is a nice design — PowerMount systems offer a 180 degree swivel feature to rotate the power strip during maintenance or integration. The entire strip can face the front, middle or back of the cabinet. The rotating feature also reduces bends in cabling, and more power can be added as needed.